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Our Mission


We believe that telehealth should not be difficult. With constant technological innovation comes increasingly complicated platforms. Our goal is to transform the future of virtual healthcare by delivering an intuitive platform and viewing system to make health management easier for both patients and healthcare providers.

Our Values


We strive to provide an intuitive and user-friendly telemedicine experience. Our values guide our decision making, helping us build the right team and deliver the best possible product. Our core values are:

Excellence - Continually evolving to improve the user experience

Empathy - Upholding provider needs while maintaining a patient-centric approach 

Integrity - Keeping users’ data securely stored and readily accessible to them through HIPAA compliance and data encryption

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Our Approach


There are several aspects of telemedicine that, when improved, could reduce limitations. 

Problems that are worth solving:

  • Pareidolia with traditional video feeds
  • Improving physician confidence in utilizing NPs & PAs
  • Lack of user-experience design for patients

Our approach is to provide an innovative viewing system that offers an All-in-One hospital and clinical care platform with functions including:

  • TeleICU 
  • Remote Patient Monitoring 
  • Medical Consultation 
  • Scheduling 
  • Virtual Waiting Room 
  • EHR/EMR Integration 
  • Transformational Active-3D-Viewing