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The Future of Healthcare

By ezClinic’s Summer 2020 Interns Sep 9, 2020 4:20:35 PM

Will telemedicine be the key to the future of healthcare? In order to find answers to this question, we sat down with doctors, including our very own Chief Medical Officer, Dr Faiza Hashmi MD and fellows from various hospitals to gather more information about how telemedicine can help physicians provide the best care for their patients' needs. 

Telemedicine vs Conventional Medicine

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the loosened restrictions on telemedicine in light of the virus, telemedicine has been more prevalent than ever. Telemedicine offers many great features such as lower costs, increased accessibility, convenience of receiving care in your own home, and less risk of being exposed to an infectious disease such as COVID-19. While telemedicine offers an array of benefits, it also has drawbacks. Physicians are unable to conduct physical examinations, not all insurance provides cover telemedicine, and not all people have access to the proper technology to partake in a telemedicine appointment. The rise of telemedicine sparks a difficult question, how do telemedicine and conventional medicine stack up to each other?