Our Internship Program

At ezClinic, we provide opportunities for internship for undergraduate, graduate and PhD interns, and we allow them to step into the world of telemedicine and work on projects from day one.

We carefully review our selection of interns —we look for people who are inspired to bring ideas across the table, desire to solve problems and create easier, faster, simpler, and more satisfying experiences for our users. Our interns play an important role in our development and from this internship program they can get to learn from our company's senior leaders.

We offer internships in the following areas:

  1. Business Development & Marketing (BDM)
  2. Back End Development
  3. Front End Development
  4. Graphic Design


Our 2020 Interns

Business Development & Marketing (BDM) Interns


Ilyana Schlesinger

Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences, Psychology

Northwestern University, 2022


Giovanni Portogallo

Majoring in Information Systems

DePaul University, 2022


Jordan Kelly

Majoring in Communications

Northwestern University, 2021


Chenjianyi Ge

Master of Science in Communication

Northwestern University, 2020


Mohammad J. Aamir

Majoring in Accountancy

DePaul University, 2021

Mary Dwyer

Mary Dwyer

Majoring in Communication Studies

Northwestern University, 2021


Eli Kluiszo

Majoring in Biomedical Engineering

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), 2022

Back End Development Interns


Michaela Dionglay

Majoring in Software Engineering 

DePaul University, 2021


Jack Kotheimer

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), 2022

avatar male

Ryne Kolessar

Majoring in Computer Science

DePaul University, 2021

Data Analyst Interns


Tasneem Musa

Majoring in Information Systems 

DePaul University, 2021

Front End & UI/UX Development Interns


Nina Wang

Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction 

DePaul University, 2020


Shivam Patel

Majoring in Computer Science

DePaul University, 2021


Jinny Park

Majoring in Communication Design

Washington University in St. Louis, 2022

avatar female

Maryam Katrawala

Majoring in Computer Science

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), 2024


Eshatva Mithal

Majoring in Information Technology (I.T.)

DePaul University, 2020

Machine Learning and Computer Vision Engineer Interns


Deepika Aggrawal

Majoring in Computer Engineering

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), 2021

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